Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot, much more than ice cream in Maspalomas and Nomad Gastro Market

Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot is not just an ice cream parlour that makes ice cream, it is a mind-blowing combination of flavours and incompatible ingredients that create a new world of ice creams never before discovered. We are very lucky to announce that from the 23rd of July, Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot will be part of Holidayworld Maspalomas’ Nomad Gastro Market.

Nowadays the word gourmet is associated with many other words and all of them attribute a high profile value in the world of gastronomy: 
If it is associated with the name cuisine, for example, we want to identify that cuisine of research, of product valorisation, not only elaborated with technique but also and above all with combinations of excellent materials and flavours. You will find this and much more at Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot, the new sweet restaurant in the Holidayworld Maspalomas gastronomic market.

Behind Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot is Salvatore Enterpe, Italian chef from Gattinara (Italy), and he promises to surprise us. He tells us that “this ice cream parlour will be different from the others because of my project and that of going to overturn the concept of ice cream or rather to enrich it, the ice creams that I will produce will awaken in people tastes that they would never have expected and I will be able to satisfy all kinds of desires that people will have when they come to see me in the ice cream parlour, because it will no longer be just the classic fruit or chocolate ice cream but you will find flavours that will make you feel like you are in a restaurant enjoying a dinner”. Suggestive, isn’t it? We can’t wait to try them all!

We invite you to immerse yourself in fantasy and excellence, to experience an explosion of flavours with us at Nomad Gastro Market. Make a note of this name: Algoincreíble Ice Cream Bistrot. Very soon it will be your ice cream parlour of reference in the south of the island. 


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