Summer Nights: the 10 best terraces in Gran Canaria

What a great time you can have all year round in Gran Canaria! The island’s exceptional climate means that both tourists and residents can enjoy the best leisure activities on the continent at any time of the year. However, summer is probably the best time to do one of the things we all like the most: enjoy a good terrace with friends, partner or family. In spring, summer, autumn or winter, with the sun shining on our faces or under the stars: the point is to take to the streets and have a good time. We have made a tour of the terraces where you can enjoy the best atmosphere. Which of these 10 proposals would you choose? We’ll take them all!

Gran Canaria Terraces

Visiting Gran Canaria and not enjoying its incredible terraces would be sacrilege. The good weather in the capital of the Canary Islands invites you to go out and socialise and, by the way, have a beer or two. Discover a charming garden, the most chic atmosphere, the most beautiful views of the city or the perfect place to disconnect. The adventure begins! We’ve convinced you, haven’t we? Are you looking forward to enjoying a refreshing drink on a terrace? Here are the 10 best terraces in Gran Canaria.

1. Mr. Kale Maspalomas

Mr. Kale takes the place of Swing Restaurant and will offer more than 150 dishes in a completely renovated environment, from the interior to the beautiful terrace. Mr. Kale was born in 2016 as the first pokebar in Gran Canaria with the aim of offering a healthy, tasty and enjoyable alternative. To achieve this, ingredients from the garden are mixed with the best meat and fish. Mr. Kale’s cuisine is based on the preparation of his dishes at low temperatures, the absence of fats, the use of embers and vacuum cooking. All of this is focused on reducing unnecessary calories but always maintaining the flavour and fun in each dish.

2. Elder Terrace

The Terraza Elder Restaurant opens its doors to become the gourmet place of reference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Located in Santa Catalina Park, the most cosmopolitan place in the city, it invites you to discover different flavours of the world and expand among the international visitors that arrive every year to our Pier. A stroll through Santa Catalina Park or a visit to the Elder Museum could be the beginning of your best gastronomic experience for the whole day.

3. Hawaii Poke Las Canteras

The pioneer of the Hawai Poke chain, Hawai Poké Las Canteras is where it all began. This small place with terrace and sea views is located very close to the Paseo de Las Canteras, next to the figure of El Pescador. There you can enjoy their famous pokes, a delicious and healthy dish typical of Hawaii, and at Hawai Poke they use the highest quality tuna, salmon and tofu for their Poké Bowls. Customise your bowl with a variety of sauces from spicy mayonnaise to classic poké and toppings such as seaweed and crispy onions – the combinations are endless! Create your favourite bowl or try one of our chef-designed bowls, because fast food can be healthy too! The selection of condiments has been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines, so don’t miss out on the spectacular terrace!

4. Nomad Gastro Market

Whether as a couple, with friends or with the family, if you enjoy foodie experiences, you shouldn’t miss Nomad Gastro Market, the gastronomic market at Holidayworld Maspalomas. Recently opened, the gastronomic leisure space of reference in the Canary Islands is led by some of the leading public catering businesses on the island. A journey of smells, flavours and colours for the five senses through fourteen restaurant units and a gastronomic proposal that exceeds 400 culinary references, which are framed in a large space of 2,100 m2 including a terrace of 1,100 m2 and a stage for musical performances. Its large terrace space makes Nomad Gastro Market a gastronomic reference for all those who are looking for great culinary alternatives in an unparalleled space on the island, making it without doubt one of the 10 best terraces in Gran Canaria.

5. Misbah Meloneras

Located on El Faro Boulevard in Meloneras, the Misbah is one of the favourite places for many people on the island. The spices, the vegetables, the presentation, the way of understanding cooking and healthy cuisine, makes it totally different from any other Indian restaurant you can find in the area of Las Palmas. And all this, in its large terrace that will make you enjoy Indian food like never before.

6. Sotavento Club

“Almost everyone chooses Sotavento for a great night out”. These words from Javier Pestana, the club’s manager, make it clear that this is a special and unique place. A quiet evening out is also a great plan here thanks to its open-air terrace of more than a thousand square metres, with privileged views of the bay of the marina, where all kinds of events are held. Shows, cocktails and a wide variety of artists come together in this cosy space designed to make the most of the Canarian night.

7. Casablanca

Probably one of the best and most unique terraces you can find in Las Palmas and Las Canteras! Every evening something incredible happens here: the sun gives way to night from the beach of Las Canteras, although if the day is clear, you can also see El Teide and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a cocktail there, those who do so will also enjoy a completely renovated and very cosy terrace thanks to its artificial grass and the big statue of Buddha with a fountain that lights up in different colours. For us one of the 10 best terraces in Gran Canaria!

8. The Harrow Sports Bar

You won’t find a better place to watch your favourite sports broadcasts than The Harrow Sports Bar! And best of all, they have a large terrace where you can do it outdoors and experience sport like never before. The Harrow is much more than just a bar: it’s the new place of reference for sports lovers in the south of Gran Canaria. There are pool tables (American and English), table tennis, table football, darts, as well as a wide selection of beers and cocktails. And all this with the most advanced audiovisual technology to watch your team win.

9. Ginger Las Palmas

If you are in Canteras and what you are looking for is a good drink in a distinguished atmosphere, the choice is obvious, Ginger Las Palmas. In Ginger you will find exquisite distillates, as the perfect complement to afternoons and evenings with family, couples or friends who want to round off the experience, trying an excellent cocktail, always with the best brands and service, backed by the 7 years of success of their establishments. Not everything is about eating, and at Ginger they offer you an almost unlimited choice of cocktails presented in the most suggestive and surprising way.

And you, have you already visited these 10 incredible local terraces? Don’t miss the opportunity, you won’t regret it! Make your summer nights magical and enjoy the best 10 terraces in Gran Canaria, experiences you will remember for a long time!


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