Access rules

The access of persons to any of the activities of the Holidayword Maspalomas Leisure Center and, where appropriate, the permanence in the same may be prevented:

  • When the established capacity has been completed with the users who are inside the premises, enclosure or establishment.
  • When the closing time of the establishment has been exceeded.
  • When the minimum age established for accessing the premises is not met.
  • When the person who intends to access the establishment has not paid the entrance or locality in cases where this is required.
  • When the person who wants to access the establishment does not meet the specific conditions of admission established by its owner, provided that these have been previously approved by the corresponding Administration.
  • When the person seeking access to the establishment, or is inside it, shows violent attitudes, especially when behaving aggressively, causing altercations or showing a behavior and attitude clearly contrary to a coexistence and proper use of the facilities.
  • When the person seeking access carries weapons or objects likely to be used as such, unless they are members of the Security Forces and Corps, security guards in custody of goods or securities, private escorts integrated in private security companies and access the establishment in the exercise of their duties.
  • When the persons in attendance wear clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia.
  • When the person who wants to access causes situations of danger or discomfort to other people attending or does not meet the minimum hygiene conditions. Especially, the access or, in its case, permanence in the establishment, will be prevented to the people who are consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or that show symptoms of having consumed them, and those that show evident signs or behaviors of being under the effects of an ethyllic intoxication, by narcotics or substance of analogous nature.

Specific conditions of admission

Persons whose clothing may cause a dangerous situation in the attractions or may cause an unhealthy situation in the Gaming or Catering establishments may not enter or remain in the Center.

  • Persons accompanied by animals, with the exception of persons accompanied by guide dogs, may not enter or remain in the Center.
  • Persons carrying food or beverages to be consumed inside catering and entertainment establishments shall not be allowed to enter or remain in the Center.
  • Those that establish the prohibition of smoking inside the establishment.
  • Those that prevent the use of cameras, video recorders or sound recorders in establishments authorized for the celebration of public shows or the development of cultural and social activities.
  • Those established by the owners of hotel and leisure establishments that require the consumption of goods or services provided by the establishment itself in order to use its facilities or furnishings.


With respect to minors, a series of limitations of access and permanence in public establishments and recreational activities are established, and, therefore, it is prohibited:

  • The entry and permanence of minors under 18 years of age in gaming casinos, bingo halls and gambling halls.
  • The entry and permanence of minors under 18 years of age in pubs and bars and areas with music. Youth activities in which persons under 16 years of age are allowed to enter and remain within the hours established by the Center specifically for those activities are excluded.

Persons under 18 years of age accessing the establishment or recreational activities may not be sold or supplied with alcoholic beverages or tobacco.