What to do on Gran Canaria in October

While in the rest of Europe the leaves begin to fall from the trees, the days become shorter and the cold arrives, in Gran Canaria the month of October can be fully enjoyed. Are you looking for more plans on what to do on Gran Canaria in October, apart from celebrating Halloween or the canarian version “Noche de los Finaos”?

With 10 hours of sunshine a day and an average temperature of 26ºC, the mild island climate offers total freedom to choose where to spend your time: strolling by the sea, sunbathing on the beach, hiking, visiting charming places and much more. 

The best things to do in Gran Canaria in October

Although the summer months are the high season in Gran Canaria, and therefore the most popular, for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet, October is one of the best months to do so. And there’s plenty to do on the island. Ready for the best things to do in Gran Canaria in October?

1. Celebrate the Noche de los Finaos, the Canarian Halloween

In Gran Canaria, as in the whole archipelago, there’s a popular celebration that’s a little different from the famous “Day of the Dead” (in Spanish Día de los Muertos) or Halloween. It’s the “Noche de los Finaos” or “finados”, an ancient tradition that is slowly being recovered in many parts of the island. Traditionally it was celebrated on the night before All Souls’ Day (from the 1st to the 2nd of November), but nowadays, it’s held on All Saints’ Eve (from the 31 October to the 1st November)

In the past, the youngest members of the family would go door to door trick or treating and in exchange they would get almonds, walnuts, dried figs or chestnuts which they would then take home.

In their homes they commemorated their deceased while the oldest woman in the family told stories and anecdotes while sharing sweets. Afterwards, they celebrated with a dance in the streets and a feast of roasted chestnuts.

Today, children keep going from door to door trick or treating, but getting sweets and chocolates in return. Adults and teenagers, on the other hand, usually go out and party in themed discos to dance the night away and have fun! The Halloween how we know it today is an evolution of the Noche de los Finaos of our ancestors.

2. Discover the voyages of Christopher Columbus in the Museum

museum columbus

Christopher Columbus arrived in America on 12 October 1492. However, before his great discovery, he made a stop in Gran Canaria to recharge his batteries, stock up and finish preparing his ships: the Pinta, Niña and Santa María.

You can see all the details of his stay and the link between the New World and the Canary Islands on display in the Columbus House (Casa de Colón) in the Vegueta district of the island’s capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Every 12 October, Gran Canaria celebrates Columbus Day, which commemorates the time Columbus spent in the Canary Islands before his voyages to America.

In this city, we can find the trace left by the navigator in this magnificent museum, which conserves original objects of great historical value about the transoceanic voyages that passed through this island straddling Europe, Africa, and America. You can also visit the Cathedral, the Castillo de la Luz and Plaza de Santa Ana.


  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (10:00AM — 6:00 PM) Closed on Sundays.
  • Price: €4
  • Location: Calle Colón 1, Las Palmas

3. Get a taste of the Apple’s Festival in Valleseco

apples hanging from a tree

The green municipality of Valleseco, located in the midlands in the north of the island, is famous for a fruit that has been the absolute protagonist of its agricultural production for centuries. In fact, Valleseco cider wins prizes every year in international competitions.

Gran Canaria in October means apples. Proof of this is that on the first Sunday of the month, the Apple’s Festival (Fiesta de la Manzana) is held in Valleseco. Here, all visitors have the opportunity to taste this fruit in a multitude of ways, such as its cider, one of the best in the world.

Don’t miss the musical performances, the photography exhibitions and the paintings. Fiesta de la Manzana is one of the best things to do in Autumn in Gran Canaria! Don’t miss it!

How to get to Valleseco

Valleseco is located about 30 kilometres from Las Palmas, near the Parque Rural de Doramas. Here is it’s exact location:

4. Join the Gran Canaria Walking Festival

backpack and hiking boots in the forest

Every October the island holds the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, an event where hiking enthusiasts can join forces and discover the island as a group, uncovering its secrets while walking along spectacular trails. It’s one of the best activities to go in Gran Canaria in October if you like going hiking.

Get to know the hidden landscapes and contrasts of the islands and compete for the prizes raffled by the organisation for those who finish the route. Those hikers who finish the route receive a stamped pilgrim’s credential and the official certificate of having completed the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria, which connects the south with the north of Gran Canaria.


  • Price: €40 per route and €140 for all 4 routes, transportation, picnics, guide, food and more.
  • When: This year, the Walking Festival is from 19-22 October.
  • Where: Route 1: Artenara – Casa Rural María Luisa
    Route 2: Sardina – Agaete
    Route 3: Parque Rural de Doramas – Firgas – Valleseco
    Route 4: Summits of Gran Canaria

5. Visit Fronton King Pro, one of the most important bodyboard championships

man surfing

Del 12 al 27 de octubre se celebra el Fronton King Pro en Gáldar, Gran Canaria, el mejor espectáculo del bodyboard a nivel mundial. Si te gusta el deporte, mira como los concursantes luchan por obtener el título de campeón.

  • Fecha de límite de inscripción: 8 de octubre 12:00
  • Location: Sardina del Norte, Gáldar

6. Binter Night Run event

binter night run event

Are you considering a trip to Gran Canaria in October and happen to be a passionate runner? Don’t miss the Binter Night Run event. It’s the largest national nighttime running circuit and with 5, 10, and 21-kilometer races, it’s one of the most diverse sporting events in the Canary Islands.

The Binter Night Run sets a social objective every year, contributing to the progress of Gran Canaria as a sanctuary for marginalized communities.

For those eager to join the fun, the registration fee is around 30 euros per person for the challenging 21-kilometer race, which includes a stylish race T-shirt.

7. Celebrate the Fiestas Patronales del Pilar in Guanarteme

Fiestas Patronales del Pilar is a traditional event on the island and also a meeting point for all Canarians. The Virgen del Pilar is the patron saint of the neighbourhood of Guanarteme, in Las Palmas, and is also the protagonist of one of the most famous patron saint festivities in Gran Canaria.

This event is held Plaza de la Música. Go out into the streets, eat traditional food and join street music festivals. Have fun with its theatre, music and circus performances.

Las Fiestas Patronales del Pilar are celebrated from the 4 to the 15 of October.

8. Have a great time at Holidayworld Maspalomas

holidayworld maspalomas

If there’s something better than everything that was said in this article, and even more varied, then head to the south of Gran Canaria, to the largest entertainment and leisure centre in the Canary Islands: Holidayworld Maspalomas.

Here, and only here, you can ride the best rides, go bowling on a professional bowling lane, sing out loud in a magnificent karaoke room, solve the mysteries of an escape room, taste the flavours of the world in a gastronomic market, and so on. And who knows, they may be organizing Halloween themed events!

It’s, in essence, the central point of leisure and entertainment on the island. A magical place where both children and adults will have a great time. There’s no better plan to enjoy Halloween and Gran Canaria in October than at the only amusement park in the Canary Islands: Holidayworld Maspalomas.

Weather in Gran Canaria in October

The weather in Gran Canaria in October is warm and sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C. There’s very little rainfall, with an average of only 13mm over the course of the month. The humidity is also relatively low, making it a comfortable time to visit Gran Canaria in October.

Tips on what to pack for your visit in October

  • Pack light. You’ll likely be spending most of your time in shorts and t-shirts, so there’s no need to overpack.
  • Dress in layers. This allows you to adjust to the changing temperatures, which can vary depending on the time of day and your location on the island.
  • Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking, so make sure to pack shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun can be very strong in Gran Canaria, even in October, so be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher.


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