The tradition of Mexico comes to Nomad Gastro Market with La Mexicana

Nomad Gastro Market is delighted to announce that from the 27th of July La Mexicana will be joining Holidayworld Maspalomas’ gastronomic market. Discover all the flavour and tradition of Mexico. La Mexicana, an outstanding restaurant from Vecindario, arrives in the south of Gran Canaria with its 100% original recipes. Here, you’ll be able to try Mexican food in a suggestive and accessible way for all types of customers.

Traditional Mexican cuisine, often confused with Tex-Mex (Mexican food influenced by Texas), is more than moles, sauces or tortillas. Mexico is much more than spicy food. The aim of La Mexicana is to transport you to this reality, and to introduce you to the flavours of the country’s extensive and delicious gastronomy. At La Mexicana, with the help of an agronomist, they have managed to harvest ingredients that are native only to Mexico and that make their dishes unique on the island. Some of these plantations provide them with green tomatillo, jalapeño chillies, habanero chillies, serrano chillies, poblano chillies and more and more foodstuffs. It’s a delight for the senses that you can’t miss in the south of Gran Canaria thanks to Nomad Gastro Market!

In order not to mix flavours, at La Mexicana they do not reuse oil, they do not use deep fryers. The trick is to bring out the flavour of each chilli, to know how to combine, to respect the flavours of each ingredient and to give it the touch that fills your senses. If something stands out in them, it is their overflowing originality. They like to give colour and freshness to the dishes, that’s why they are always looking to innovate with different details, they know that love comes through the eyes, so when you come to La Mexicana, you will get a whole set of details that will make your meal an unforgettable experience.

Suggestions and recommendations at La Mexicana

In La Mexicana you will find among many other things the following suggestions:

Tacos: The most famous is the taco al pastor, considered by the Taste Atlas the best dish in the world. The meat is grilled and marinated with a touch of tropical pineapple.

Sopes: Corn flour base with beans and stews or vegetables, with pico de gallo, avocado, cream and fresh cheese also made in the kitchen.

Flautas: Corn tortillas with chicken rolled and fried, the crispy flautas with pico de gallo, lettuce and fresh cream generate an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Nachos: A dish in which beans, grilled cheese and pico de gallo are added to totopos “fried corn chips”.

Enchiladas: At La Mexicana they use a great variety of chillies to make the sauces that are used to gratin the enchiladas, each one of them represents the state of Mexico where it was created.

Quesadillas: Pre-Columbian word of Nahuatl origin meaning a folded tortilla with any kind of stew inside, with cheese, without cheese or just cheese.

Margarita: The betseller in cocktails. The favourite of your guests to accompany a good meal. The perfect combination of tequila and fruit pulp, it is spectacular and refreshing.

It’s time! Come to La Mexicana at Nomad Gastro Market and share their famous nachos, extraordinary guacamole and tender tacos al pastor with your friends. Visit them for a tasty homemade pie or delicate desserts. Have a great time with their different variants of their delicious tequila, their wonderful strawberry margarita and their irresistible michelada. Visit La Mexicana at Nomad Gastro Market, and get a true taste of Mexico. 


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