Thali Street, a trip to the street food of Mumbai

With the intention of bringing the real street food experience of the streets of Mumbai to Holidayworld’s gastronomic market, Nomad Gastro Market brings Thali Street, the best Indian gastronomy to the south of Gran Canaria. An explosion of flavours. Let yourself be carried away by the aromas of the most traditional spices of Indian food in a new format. 

Thali Street in Gran Canaria aims to showcase the virtues of Indian food from the healthiest, freshest, vegetarian and vegan perspective. One of the main characteristics of Indian food is its masterful use of spices, making its dishes have a special and recognisable flavour. All this and much more you will find in Thali Street in Gran Canaria. Its dishes are the result of the mixture of the great diversity of cultures and ethnicities found in its territory. Furthermore, along with the influence of neighbouring and colonising countries. It’s hard to beat the culinary richness of Indian food obtained from the sum of different practices and ingredients such as vegetables and pulses.

The best and cheapest way to get into this great gastronomic variety is to do it eating as they do. In Thali, a large plate usually made of brass with bowls that usually carry dhal, a lentil stew, a mixture of vegetables with curry as aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), paneer (a fresh cheese stewed in different ways), basmati rice, bread, curd or dhai, a liquid yoghurt to drink sometimes with salt and cumin. In the best ones even meat, usually chicken, or fish, and for dessert gulab jammum, a very typical Indian sweet.

Recommendations and suggestions not to be missed on Thali Street

Travel around India through its gastronomy, preparing some of the recipes that we present, where you can find the magical flavours and aromas of this beautiful country. 

Thali Lamb Balti: A great recommendation for Indian food lovers, and also for those who are discovering it for the first time and wish to delve into its flavours. It is a journey in itself. It includes several dishes that represent the soul, flavours, aromas and traditional classics of Indian food, which combined with a Naan completes the experience.

Vegan Guru Burroti: This is a new format of Thali Street that converts Indian food into an accessible, convenient and completely Street Food format. Vegan Guru Burroti contains all the flavour of India in its freshest, vegetable and vegan version. 

Tandoori Bowl: A combination of Chicken Tikka Masala, with its traditional spicy sauce and a touch of sweetness on a basmati rice base.

Paneer Salad Bowl: A perfect combination for vegetarians with fresh Indian cheese. With an unmistakable flavour, the Panner is the main ingredient of the freshest salad on the menu. 

And in addition to these suggestions you can also create your own Burroti or Curry Bowl in just 5 steps. We look forward to seeing you at Thali Street, a trip to the street food of Mumbai that you can’t miss at Nomad Gastro Market.


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