10 tips to play better bowling

You probably know this, but bowling is a social act in which a person, individually or as part of a team of bowlers, pursues the same goal: to score the most points and beat the opposing team. In this way, new friendships are formed and a little healthy competition is encouraged. Playing bowling is very simple, but doing it well is not so simple: it requires technique, concentration and a series of habits that are perfected with time and practice. Hobby, sport, or even competition: it’s up to you to find the motivation to enjoy bowling, and win over your friends, partner or family.

PERFECT GUIDE to enjoy bowling to the full

Do you want to learn how to bowl? Discover in this article the PERFECT GUIDE to enjoy bowling. Today we show you 10 steps and tips to play bowling in the best possible way. Concentration, physical strength, agility, coordination and, of course, some aim.

Are you ready? Don’t hesitate and follow our tips to knock it out of the park in any professional bowling alley! Getting a good score depends on your skill and technique. If you internalise these steps and adopt these habits you will soon be the best.

1. Start by stretching

When bowling, you’re going to run, you’re going to jump and you’re going to move your arm with a ball up and down. You don’t want to be sore tomorrow, so it’s highly recommended that you stretch your muscles before you start the game. This will prevent you from having a painful problem, as well as preparing the areas for the exercise, and gaining control. This is very important, how to bowl in 10 tips starts here, even before you start.

2. Choosing the right clothing and footwear

Comfort is really important when bowling. Starting with footwear, it is essential to choose bowling shoes or use the ones normally provided at the bowling alley. As for clothing, it is ideal to wear wide, stretchy tops that allow good arm movement. Wear wrist guards to protect your joints while you bowl – sportswear, don’t forget it’s a sport!

3. How to hold the ball efficiently

One of the top 10 tips for beating everyone at bowling has a lot to do with the choice of ball, and its use. Choose a ball with the right weight, one that allows you to interact with it comfortably. The middle and ring fingers should be inserted first so that your thumb can enter easily. This will give you a consistent serve. Do not put the ball directly in front of your chest, as when you make the “pendulum” it will not be completely straight and may influence the trajectory of your ball. Do not hit the ball against the court. Slide it.

4. Launch stroke

This is a crucial step in your bowling shot, as it is part of the choreography that will determine if your shot is a good one. This pitching stroke or approach is 80% of your bowling success. Balance is the key: start with short steps and keep your balance steady and steady, try not to hesitate, and don’t be afraid!

5. Arm movement

It can be the key! Your arm movement when throwing the ball should be a completely synchronised pendulum with your body that allows your shot to be fluid from the first step. Always follow the motion as you come off the ball: the ball will always go where your hand goes. One of the 10 tips to beat everyone at bowling is this, put it into practice.

6. Bend your knees

To maintain consistent speed, serve point and balance, keep your right foot in contact with the ground as you glide towards the foul line on the last step. Bend your knees at the start of the glide to improve balance and follow-through.

7. Physical and mental balance

This is a game very similar to golf, where mind and body concentration are very important, hence one of the top 10 tips to beat everyone at bowling. Keep this in mind! Bowling requires us to be in a perfect balance between a healthy physical condition and proper concentration. In other words, if you are having a bad day, or you are tired or maybe just have a cold, it would be better not to bowl as you won’t be able to hit a single pin.

8. Shoot the ball to the right arrow

Many players omit the arrows on the court and just try to get the ball as close to the centre as possible. THIS IS A MISTAKE! Look carefully: there are seven arrows on the lanes. If you are right-handed, aim for the arrow to the right of the centre. If you are left-handed, aim for the arrow to the left of the centre and shoot it forward. The correct arm movement when bowling should be like a pendulum synchronised with the body for fluid movements. You can move your feet to the right or left to get closer to the line so that your feet line up with the correct mark.

9. Don’t run

Don’t do it! There is a belief that this is a game of strength; this is a serious mistake. The aim is for the player to be comfortable, carrying synchronised and balanced movements resulting in an elegant and repeatable serve. That’s why one of the 10 tips to beat everyone at bowling is not to run, not mentally either: take it all in your stride.

10. Don’t despair

Remember that you are not going to get the best results overnight. It takes time to internalise the steps and stances to bowl the right way.

You already have 10 tips and advice on how to bowl properly. Now it’s time to put them into practice and beat them all. Remember that if you like bowling, you can find the best bowling alley in Gran Canaria at Holidayworld Maspalomas: Swing Bowling. This is the only truly professional bowling centre on the island, with 16 lanes, and you can also get your strength back in the cosy Swing Bowling & Restaurant. Here you will find tasty burgers, quesadillas, nachos and wings, among many other alternatives. Come and enjoy this new experience with your loved ones. Recently the 35th BJI Architecture & Design Awards of Bowlers Journal has awarded this bowling alley as the best international interior renovation of the year. Don’t hesitate and come to Swing Bowling, you’ll have fun!


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