Bowling Rules for Beginners

Are you new to bowling and don't know its rules? You're probably not the first or the last, so there's nothing better than knowing the rules of this fun and dynamic game played all over the world.

How to bowl: basic bowling rules and regulations

According to the International Bowling Federation (IBF), the 10 pin bowling rules in an approved bowling alley are as follows:






How to improve your bowling skills

In addition to knowing the rules of bowling, you should know that bowling requires patience and practice. However, if you learn the following steps and put in the time, you will be able to bowl like a pro.

For instance, many people don't know exactly what the dots and arrows on the lane are for, but they are extremely useful for giving the ball the desired spin and getting strikes and spares.

1. Stretch your body

Before starting the game, it is a good idea to stretch your body, especially your arms. It is important to run a little while moving the ball with your arm to avoid stiffness after a long game of bowling.

2. Maximum concentration

To throw accurately you have to concentrate only on throwing and knocking down the pins. Forget everything else, look at the pins and throw with all your strength. If you are not feeling well, avoid bowling because you will find it hard to concentrate and you will miss your target.

3. Run

Sprint across the alley and take a short run before throwing the ball. This will give you enough power to be more accurate.

4. Throw

In order to achieve a strike it is essential to take into account the weight of the ball. Don't forget to check that your fingers are well positioned in its holes.

5. Precision

To throw like a pro, the arm must move with the ball as if it were a pendulum. The throw must be fluid from the start, nothing forced.

6. Footwear

Always wear bowling shoes, the soles of which are designed not to slip on the lane. Never use any other type of footwear.

By following these simple tips you will be able to make good throws that will help you get the most points to beat your rivals.

Bowling tips for beginners

Apart from the tenpin bowling rules and scoring regulations, it is essential to follow a number of tips to enhance the bowling experience:

Where to bowl in Gran Canaria

Swing Bowling, located at Holidayworld Maspalomas, is the largest (and only professional) bowling alley on the island. Here you can practice the rules of traditional bowling while enjoying the best food and drink and having fun and laughter with your friends and family.

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