The 15 best Ferris wheels in Spain and Europe

They have become icons of many destinations, curious and imposing from where you can enjoy the best spots, almost every major city in the world has at least one Ferris wheel. All of them offer you a new perspective of space, the best 360-degree views you can find, a totally recommendable route that you should not miss, whether you are on holiday or a resident of the city where they are located.

They are pure romanticism, it seems that they are here to stay forever. Today in this article we are going to present you the 15 best Ferris wheels in Europe, and you can’t miss them!

What is a Ferris wheel?

Maybe you’ve ever wondered. A Ferris wheel is a fairground or amusement park attraction consisting of an upright wheel with gondolas, cabins or simple seats attached to the rim, which operates by rotating (by means of a mechanism or motor) around a horizontal axis perpendicular to the plane of the wheel. They are often used to view the surrounding landscape.

Ever since the engineer George Washington Gale Ferris unveiled the first fairground Ferris wheel in history at the Chicago Expo in 1893, many cities around the world have wanted to install Ferris wheels inside or outside their amusement parks.

15 best Ferris wheels in Europe

Do you know them all?

1. La Grande Roue de Paris – Paris

42 semi-enclosed gondolas for up to eight people, a unique panoramic view over the Champs Elysées, the Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower.

2. Panoramic Wheel – Wooland Fun Park, Holidayworld Maspalomas

A unique moment in Gran Canaria! Enjoy spectacular 360o views of Maspalomas and the south of the island from 26 metres above the ground. For us, undoubtedly one of the 15 best Ferris wheels in Europe. You can find the Panoramic Wheel in the renovated Wooland Fun Park, the amusement park of Holidayworld Maspalomas.

You may not know it, but the Panoramic Wheel is the only Ferris wheel that can be found in all the Canary Islands, and at Holidayworld Maspalomas they give customers the opportunity to make declarations of love at the highest point with incomparable views. Romantic, isn’t it?

3. Wiener Riesenrad – Vienna

Its gondolas can be booked for breakfast, dinner or a wedding at 64.7 metres above the ground! After suffering severe damage during World War II, the Wiener Riesenrad was restored in 1947 and today still retains its ancient aesthetics, with 15 large red cabins moving at 2.7 kilometres per hour.

4. SkyWheel – Helsinki

The Helsinki SkyWheel experience lasts about 12 minutes inside an eight-person gondola. The attraction lifts passengers up to approximately 40 metres, from where they can see Market Square, the turquoise vaults of the orthodox Upenski Cathedral, as well as the dozens of islands off the coast of Finland’s capital.

5. Moscow-850m – Moscow

At 35 metres high and with 18 enclosed gondolas, in 2017 Moscow inaugurated its first year-round Ferris wheel at the Skazka amusement park in the Krylatskoye district. Moscow’s was to be among the top 15 Ferris wheels in Europe.

6. Big Wheel – Berlin

Built on the outskirts of the city’s Zoological Garden. A huge wheel that has become the highest in Europe, surpassing even the mythical London Eye.

7. Benijófar Ferris Wheel – Alicante

The Noria Árabe de Benijófar is a striking hydraulic complex built in the mid-17th century in red pine wood. It has been replaced and restored several times and the current waterwheel has a similar structure to other waterwheels in the Vega del Segura.

8. Pamplona Ferris Wheel – Navarra

The great Ferris wheel of Pamplona, the largest detachable Ferris wheel in Europe, has the honour of having taken first place from a Ferris wheel in Munich, Germany. The neighbouring barraca is 60 metres high, 10 metres less than the ‘pamplonica’.

9. Spring Wheel – Isla Mágica, Sevilla

Climb on the Ferris wheel and enjoy yourself like a child! Its funny little ladybirds will take you to the top and you will feel like a child again. A nice attraction to have fun with the whole family. Are you up for it?

10. London Eye – London

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, it is one of the most famous and visited Ferris wheels in the world (about three and a half million people go on it every year). Located next to the River Thames, opposite Big Ben, from its 135-metre height it offers a perfect panoramic view of central London, and on a clear day the views reach up to 40 kilometres away.

11. Ferris Wheel in Zaragoza Amusement Park – Zaragoza

Among the 15 best Ferris wheels in Europe. Climb aboard one of the oldest Ferris wheels in Europe and enjoy the views of Zaragoza on this enchanting ride.

12. Ferris Wheel in Madrid Amusement Park – Madrid

This is an attraction that along its route has offered the possibility of enjoying the beautiful views of the Casa Campo and has become a symbol of the fun offered by the Park.

13. Giradabo – Barcelona

Giradabo, a name chosen by popular vote, is located at the top of the mountain over 500 metres above the city, offering incredible panoramic views of the Catalan capital.

14. Seville Ferris Wheel – Seville

With a height of 40 metres, the Noria de Sevilla is the tourist attraction that offers the best panoramic views of the city. Located next to the river, it is a new way to enjoy Seville’s heritage. The Noria de Sevilla is a great visual spectacle by day and by night.

15. Hi-Sky München – Munich

One of the most emblematic points of the German city of Munich is its impressive Ferris wheel. There you can enjoy the pleasure of seeing the space from another perspective, being one of the most visited Ferris wheels in Germany, and among the 15 best Ferris wheels in Europe according to our point of view.

And you, do you know them all? Do you already know which Ferris wheel you want to visit? Find out which of the 15 best Ferris wheels in Europe is your favourite, and let yourself be carried away while the wheel turns!


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