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Think for a moment of a different place where you would like to make a statement of something important to another person. What would this place have to be like? Perhaps it should be a quiet, secluded place, where the other person has no distractions, since you want their undivided attention. Also, it would have to be a different location than the ones they usually frequent. And, of course, it should also be romantic.

We have an idea for you. How long has it been since you've ridden a Ferris wheel? Imagine yourself riding the gondola. The sky is already a reddish color because the sun is about to set. The Ferris wheel starts to move and you feel a light breeze of air on your face. You reach the highest point of the wheel, 21 meters above the ground. The view is fantastic, you see the mountains on one side and on the other a palm grove and the sea on the horizon.

The amusement park staff is informed of your plan. The Ferris wheel stops and your favorite song plays over the loudspeakers. This is the moment. You're a little excited as you prepare to ask what could be the most important question of your life....

Our entertainment center offers other services to make this romantic evening a success. Contact us so we can work together to make your plan a reality. It is our pleasure to share your happiness.

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