7 restaurants where you can eat differently in Gran Canaria

Eating in Gran Canaria can be a difficult choice because there are many (and very good) options. However, on certain occasions we try to get out of the traditional and usual, and we want to enjoy a gourmet experience something alternative and out of the ordinary. Gran Canaria, as you probably already know in recent years, has joined the wave of new gastronomy with the opening of a multitude of restaurants where you can experiment with haute cuisine and the different flavours of the world. Are you ready for different restaurants in Gran Canaria?

Surprising food

If you are looking for a different way to eat in Gran Canaria, Nomad Gastro Market, the gastronomic market of Holidayworld Maspalomas, is the right place for you. In addition to its fantastic quality of raw materials, it also offers a style of cuisine that, on many occasions, is far removed from the more traditional style of beach restaurants. At Nomad Gastro Market you can find 14 interesting restaurateurs who offer you a wide variety of food, always at an economic price. In this market, you will find more than 400 culinary references of the most prominent restaurateurs operating on the island. Today we will highlight 7 of its different restaurants, perfect for a surprising meal, which no doubt you will remember and want to repeat. 

1. Allende

All the flavour of Andalusia. Freiduría, tapeo, arrocería; the obligatory stop for lovers of the tapa with a wink to the south. Allende, with its most emblematic dishes, joins the flavour of Andalusia and the Mediterranean Coast. Las Morgado & Allende is born from the roots of the south, from the taste of the usual tapas, from the fried “pescaíto” and from rice dishes that invite you to repeat. Las Morgado & Allende offers snacks full of joy, flavour and passion for life.

2. Hawaii Poke

Poke (in Hawaiian ‘section’ or ‘cut’) is a raw fish salad served as an aperitif or main course in Hawaiian cuisine. Native Hawaiians have always eaten poke, but never commercially. Originally it has been eaten as a fast-food dish to replenish strength on these islands. Poke is a delicious and healthy dish typical of Hawaii, and in Hawaii Poke use pieces of tuna, salmon and tofu of the highest quality for our Poké Bowls. Customize your bowl with a variety of sauces ranging from spicy mayonnaise to classic poké and dressings such as seaweed and crispy onions – combinations with infinite! Create your favorite bowl or try one of our chef-designed bowls. Because fast food can also be healthy! The selection of condiments has been strongly influenced by Japanese cuisine and other Asian countries, don’t miss it!

3. Atipyko

Selection of pintxos and traditional tapas with an avant-garde touch. Atipyko proposes to approach the culture of the tapeo of the North of the peninsula. They want their stand to be a meeting point where friends and family get together to enjoy a pintxo, a wine, an anecdote and lots of laughs. Something so deeply rooted in our culture, that when they arrived to the Island they discovered that for what they were something typical, here it became something atypical and from there its name arose.

In atipyko you will find: A) Tradition: Their recipes are based on traditional pintxos, where the quality of the product is the main protagonist; B) Raw Material: They select a large part of their product at source, thus ensuring its quality. All their gastronomic offer is made in situ, to ensure the freshness and flavor of their pintxos and tapas; C) Vanguard: They are no strangers to new gastronomic trends so in Atipyko you can find innovative proposals or interpretations of traditional recipes using the latest techniques. And you, are you in?

4. El rincón libanés

Lebanese gastronomy (in Arabic, المأكولات اللبنانية) is the set of dishes and culinary customs of the inhabitants of Lebanon. Together with the gastronomies of Syria, Jordan and Palestine make up what is known as Levantine cuisine. This cuisine is extraordinarily diverse and has its own specialities adapted from the different surrounding countries. With fresh and tasty food, together with some spices, the Lebanese have adapted the best of Turkish and Arabic cuisine, seasoning it with an air of French. Yoghurts, cheeses, cucumbers, aubergines, peas, nuts, tomatoes and sesame are used in all their forms in seeds, paste and oil. That and much more you will find in El rincón libanés, without a doubt a reference of this gastronomy within the island of Gran Canaria. Are you going to miss it?

5. Healthy Be Good

Model of totally vegetable food, natural, certified gluten-free, lactose-free, preservatives and additives, industrial products and animal by-products. All dishes have been studied by Dr. Mariano Marino, in accordance with the principles of the Healthy Natural Diet, created by him, to be and bring benefit to his body, thanks to the content of vtamines, minerals, and antioxidants. All dishes are fresh, homemade, using mainly local raw materials of the highest quality. Eating Healthy be good means improving your health and well-being, having plenty of energy to play sports or work without being overwhelmed. The dishes are properly balanced and formulated by qualified nutritionists. If you like to take care of yourself, you can’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the dishes offered by Healthy Be Good.

6. Nisei

Nisei (in Japanese: 二世) is a term in Japanese that means second generation and that comes from the word nor that means two. The word Nisei refers to Japanese born in the second generation in a country other than Japan. The name undoubtedly says a lot about this restaurateur, as it is a fusion of Japanese cuisine… and Peruvian. A sublime combination not to be missed. A reflection of Japanese gastronomy, in Nisei you will find tasty and exquisite combinations. And of course sushi!

7. Ginger

Not everything is about eating, and at Ginger they offer you an almost unlimited range of cocktails presented in the most suggestive and surprising way. Ginger, the only establishment of this type within Nomad Gastro Market in Holidayworld, is the new bet of the group El viajero, joining an exciting project with the best partners and collaborators. Ginger aims to bring Nomad the exquisiteness in the distillates, as a perfect complement to the evenings and nights with family, couple or friends who want to round off the experience, trying an excellent cocktail or cocktail, always with the best brands and service, backed by the 7 years of success of their establishments.

And you, have you already visited these 7 interesting places? A bet for a surprising and different cuisine, under informal models, in which dishes to share as a formula to eat at more than moderate prices. Do you dare to discover them and experiment? Do not miss the opportunity, you will not regret it! The 7 best restaurants where you can eat differently are waiting for you. 


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