Sport and leisure: the rise of sports bars

Watching your favorite team’s games alone at home is a thing of the past. The current trend invites you to leave home, and enjoy with friends and family your favorite sports in a different and special environment. Sports fans love to gather in establishments where they can drink with friends and watch their favorite team on TV. The seasons of major sports leagues and events such as the Olympic Games or World Cup overlap and extend throughout the year. This makes it possible that a sports bar can be popular all year round, and hence its boom. This trend has grown over the years, understanding sports practice as a leisure activity similar to going to the movies or the theater, and coupled with the possibility of accompanying the visualization of a complete experience thanks to the many gastronomic possibilities offered by this type of premises. The typical and traditional bars of the villages where the local population gathered, generally with a single television, have mutated into a very different type of establishment. Today we will try to explain the reason for the rise of sports bars, where sport and leisure come together.

Comfort and fun

And now two aspects prevail when customers visit a sports bar: comfort and fun. For a full stay, the aim is to make the visualization of the sports event as comfortable as possible. No more watching the match if you couldn’t find a good table to sit at, or watching the match standing up if you came last. Creating as comfortable an atmosphere as possible is a fundamental task for the client to feel even better than at home. The recreational activity that this form of leisure has become requires an extra effort on the part of the premises themselves, and nothing is left to chance. In fact, this type of premises usually presents a weekly or even monthly calendar of sporting events, which allows the client to have a forecast of how and when to go. At the height of sports bars, foresight, dedication, style and passion come together. By uniting these elements, sport becomes a leisure alternative to be taken into account.

One of the keys when opening a successful sports bar is to have a clear aspect: not everything in the world of sport is football, there are also many sports that can attract hundreds of clients to the premises, clients of different ages and sexes who love handball, basketball, cycling, tennis, swimming, horse riding, skiing, among other sports. Studying the sports market is key to the success or failure of these types of establishments, which generally also adapt the aesthetics of the establishment to those sports that may be preferred by their customers.

We can discard five key points in which lies the growing success and boom of sports bar today.

1/ Menu with attractive food 

Customers usually go not only to watch the game, but also to eat or have lunch with friends to socialize. A suggestive culinary offer can be a key to success, offering viewers what they expect in such a place. American food is usually a recurrent and successful option as long as it is of quality. The offer in the sports bar tends to be quite limited, since nobody expects a very wide selection of dishes as it is not a restaurant, but always tasty.

2/ Comfortable furniture 

As we said before, feeling as good as at home can be fundamental. Betting on modern and attractive seats will make the customer want to repeat.

3/ Adequate lighting 

These modern and futuristic premises usually have a lighting system that is in keeping with the times, with regulation according to circumstances.

4/ Additional fun 

Sports bars can have other activities besides watching television. Frequently, billiard tables, video games, or table football, among others, are added. It is common to even create participatory links between customers of this type of activities, encouraging interest and emotional bonding of the customer with the sports bar.

5/ Quality audiovisual equipment 

Clients expect the latest in video and audio technology: state-of-the-art screens and audiovisual systems that envelop and make you feel like in a stadium.

One of the most popular sports bars today is The Harrow Sports Bar & Restaurant, located in Holidayworld Maspalomas. With the event schedule available through different media, The Harrow Sports Bar & Restaurant invites you to enjoy all the league football matches, champions and the King’s Cup, as well as other sports, where you can enjoy the best sporting atmosphere and watch your team win – you are up to date with everything related to the field of sport! Its audiovisual system with multiple dynamic screens (A total of 18 television screens) will make you enjoy the real broadcasts. You can also accompany it with a good beer (a menu of beers with more than 35 prestigious brands), a cocktail or a snack. The Harrow Sports Bar is much more than football, come and know all its games and sports such as billiards, darts, pin-pon or foosball. A place of exclusive decoration, out of the ordinary, where you can have a great time with yours. The Harrow Sports Bar & Restaurant is the place to experience sport and leisure in a different way in the south of Gran Canaria. It is also possible to reserve space for groups, company events, team buildings, product presentations… and much more! Also for private celebrations and birthdays. Can you imagine celebrating yours with a darts or billiards competition?

And you, do you know where to watch the next matches of your favorite team? Today we’ve tried to explain to you what sports bars are and why they’re so popular all over the world. Leisure is fundamental in anyone’s life. It is a way of using free time with occupations that each person chooses freely and that produce satisfaction and pleasure. Enjoying with your friends and families watching sport is a fun activity that you should not miss if you have a sports bar near your home or on your holidays. Visit them, and feel the excitement of sport!


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