The 5 nightlife options in Maspalomas that you will like the most

You probably already know, but Maspalomas offers a multitude of leisure options regardless of your age and condition. Whether you travel with your family and children, with your group of friends or as a couple, you can find in Maspalomas some of the most attractive alternatives to have fun in the south of Gran Canaria. Being a predominantly tourist destination, Maspalomas hosts very interesting activities at any time of day. From morning to afternoon, and also at night! The night in the south of Gran Canaria has something really special that, whether you are a tourist or a resident on the island, you should not miss.

Fun at night

If what you are looking for is to have fun at night, do not hesitate and visit Maspalomas. The nightlife options offered by the municipality are unlimited, but among them today we would like to highlight those offered by Holidayworld. And is that the leisure center, recently renovated, has many alternatives to make the night a moment to remember. Among all of them, today we would like to highlight 5 of them, absolutely different from each other, and among which you will surely find the perfect one for you and for those who accompany you. Do not hesitate, visit Holidayworld today and live the night in a different way!

Bamm Karaoke

Night and singing are two concepts that often go together. And if what you are passionate about is exactly pretending to be a great artist, Maspalomas is your new place of reference: Bamm Karaoke. A place where you can have fun among friends and with the music you like the most. Become a star and feel the emotions as if you were an artist. Enjoy in Holidayworld Maspalomas four karaoke rooms with different themes… and more than 8,000 multilingual songs! Great nightlife option in Maspalomas that, without a doubt, you will like.

In Bamm Karaoke you will find 4 karaoke rooms with a completely different aesthetic: Tropical (a nod to the exotic). A tribute to the parrandero spirit and the essence of the Caribbean Sea), 80s (great hits that made an entire generation sing and dance to rhythms of unforgettable songs in this fantastic pop room), Factory (with a decoration that inspires being in an old underground factory revives hymns of music), and Pool (shows that you’re a rock star in a room with a pool of balls where you can have a good time not just singing). Would you like to sing now?

Nomad Gastro Market

If you are fond of gastronomy and what you most like to do with your friends or family is to eat, you should know that Gran Canaria has a wide gastronomic offer that you should not miss. On the island, you will find a multitude of options to make your stay worthy of authentic gourmets.

If at night what you like most is to eat, Maspalomas offers you multiple alternatives. Passing from more traditional Canarian food options to those more modern and avant-garde, it is interesting to highlight the presence of Nomad Gastro Market. Gastronomic market located in Holidayworld Maspalomas, in it 14 restaurants of recognized prestige of the island will offer you about 400 culinary references, accompanied by wines, beers and cocktails. You can’t miss it: a great alternative for the nights in Maspalomas.

The Harrow Sports Bar

Sport is lived out at night! And yes, many sports activities take place at night. That’s why the rise of sports bars, those sports bars where you can enjoy your favourite sport next to a good beer. One of the most popular sports bars today is The Harrow Sports Bar & Restaurant, located in Holidayworld Maspalomas. The Harrow Sports Bar & Restaurant invites you to enjoy all the league football matches, champions and the King’s Cup, as well as other sports, where you can enjoy the best sporting atmosphere and watch your team win.

The Harrow’s dynamic multi-screen audio-visual system means you can enjoy the real thing. You can also accompany it with a good beer, a cocktail or a snack. The Harrow Sports Bar is much more than just football: it is a place of exclusive decoration, out of the ordinary, where you can have a great time with your loved ones, and make Maspalomas night the perfect place to enjoy the sport.


Whether you are travelling with children, as a couple or with your group of friends, don’t think twice and visit the Holidayworld Maspalomas amusement park. A completely renovated place that is part of the imagination of several generations, where residents and visitors remember Holidayworld fondly as part of their youth or their unforgettable vacations. Fun is guaranteed, and at night its appearance is really special!

In Wooland you will find, among other attractions, the only roller coaster of all the Canary Islands, a Ferris wheel that allows a 360-degree view of the entire south of the island, as well as various themed carousels, crash cars and countless activities. Wooland offers all the facilities to make the activity a success, including parking, wifi, breastfeeding area or a wide variety of restaurants. Don’t miss it!

Swing Bowling

A perfect night plan! Bowl in the only truly professional venue on the island, with 16 lanes, and recharge your batteries at the cozy Swing Bowling & Restaurant. Here you’ll find tasty burgers, quesadillas, nachos and wings, among many other alternatives. Come and enjoy this new experience and make the night a success.

Holidayworld’s Maspalomas Swing Bowling bowling continuously renews its offers and promotions so that spending an afternoon playing bowling is, in addition to fun, very economical.

And you, have you already found the way to enjoy the nightlife in Maspalomas? Today we have presented you with 5 different and fun activities that you can do in the south of Gran Canaria… but there are many more! Don’t miss the chance to visit Maspalomas. Its nightlife will make you fall in love!


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