The 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria

If you are one of those people who travels with children, or lives on the island of Gran Canaria with them, you will know the importance of finding a space to enjoy with the little ones of the house. Discover the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria with this article!

In the same way that we look for the best restaurants or nightlife places in other moments of life, parents have to find out which are the best children’s parks near us. 

We soon realise that this is not a problem, and we discover the wide range of possibilities that these places offer us, full of fun alternatives and where time will fly by for everyone.

Playgrounds in Gran Canaria

Which are the most beautiful parks? Especially if you live in a big city, you will know the importance of these green extensions to enjoy with your family and spend fun moments with your loved ones. 

In Gran Canaria there are many of them, and their quality is unquestionable. Today we present you the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria. 

Do not miss them! The best swings are waiting for you!

1. Parque del Estadio Insular (Las Palmas)

On May 12, 2016 this park was opened to the public, designed as a tribute to the city’s football team, with canvases decorated with images of its players and historical moments, the constant presence of the colours yellow and blue and a steel sculpture in the shape of a football. 

The park has 6,000 square meters of grass and 2,300 square meters of wooded area, mainly palm trees of 48 different species. It also has a sports area with bio-healthy outdoor sports fields and equipment and a 300-metre running circuit. 

There is also a children’s playground of 1,600 square metres and various catering services. All this and much more makes this park one of the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria.

2. Doramas Park (Las Palmas)

With an area of 47,800 m2, it is home to dredges, ficus, palms and other native species. Its waterfall fountains and extensive vegetation invite the visitor to relax after a day on the tourist route. 

Just a stone’s throw away from the Muelle Deportivo, one of the 10 best playgrounds in Gran Canaria, in the heart of Ciudad Jardín, next to the Néstor Museum and the emblematic Hotel Santa Catalina, it offers a landscape characterised by the flora of the Canary Islands.

3. Juan Pablo II Park (Siete Palmas)

This park, located in the new expansion area of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is the largest in the Canary Islands and in this park, there is a large artificial lake full of ducks as well as numerous services such as a climbing wall, cycle path, cafeteria, etc.  It has many courts for sports, and above all for walking and cycling, it even has a climbing wall for climbing, but what is most striking about this park is that it has a kind of large lake, with ducks and white swans, drawing attention to the fact that it is very well lit. 

Another of the striking things about the Juan Pablo II Park is a waterfall that is next to this lake, and it goes through a little wooden bridge, and the water that falls goes directly into the lake. 

A perfect option to go with children!

4. San Juan Park (Telde)

In Telde there is also one of the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria. With approximately 135,000 m2, it is the second largest urban park in the Canary Islands

Access is through three reception areas. The park is made up of different areas, as well as sculptures by the Teldensian artist Plácido Fleitas and an Olympic oil mill, among others. There are wooded slopes, a BMX circuit, a children’s park and play area, stands, recreation areas, lakes, a sports area, a clock tower, from which you can see the whole park, meeting points such as the auditorium with its cybernetic fountain, walks with pergolas, etc.

5. Santa Catalina Park (Las Palmas)

We can consider Santa Catalina Park as the gateway to the city for those travellers who arrive by sea at Puerto de La Luz. And that is because its location is privileged. Between the port and Las Canteras beach. The life of the park is developed around its kiosks and terraces. 

It has a children’s area and there are two emblematic buildings, witnesses of the English port trade, the Elder and Miller buildings. The Elder building, today the Science Museum and Miller, is a multifunctional building destined for culture and which during the carnival festivities becomes its logistics centre. 

It has always stood out as a reference point for street life and a tourist meeting point. The Casa del Turismo is located in the Park, a reference building of the city’s heritage, designed by the artist Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre and his brother Miguel Martín Fernández de la Torre. 

The Parque de Santa Catalina is one of the best playgrounds in Gran Canaria as it is the first postcard to be found by cruise ship passengers disembarking at the nearby Santa Catalina cruise ship pier.

6. Tamadaba Natural Park (Agaete)

If you like hiking, there is no doubt that the Tamadaba Natural Park can be the perfect option for going with children. The Tamadaba Natural Park is one of the most natural and pure territories of the island of Gran Canaria

Its 7,500 hectares extend from summit to coast at the western end of the island, within an area declared by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve. The visitor can choose between the fabulous natural forests of native Canary Island pine trees on the summits, the dizzying cliffs of its almost inaccessible coast and the rich biodiversity of its ravines. 

The most sporty families are sure to find in Tamadaba one of the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria.

7. Roman Park (Las Palmas)

What was once the gardens of the former Hotel Metropole, now Municipal Offices, has been converted into one of the most beloved parks for the citizens. Surrounded by palms and trees, the real lung of the city is the meeting point for sportsmen and women and walkers who find the ideal place to breathe fresh air in the middle of the city. 

Just a few metres from the gardens of the Hotel Santa Catalina, Doramas Park, Pueblo Canario and the Muelle Deportivo, this park is the perfect place for sportsmen and women who want to keep fit thanks to its route of exactly one kilometre of rope. In its most wooded area it even has a natural stone climbing wallwhere local climbers can hone their technique. 

Dogs also have their space in this park which has a specific area for them. The Parque Romano is not only one of the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria, but also a perfect space for the whole family.

8. San Telmo Park (Triana, Las Palmas)

It is located in the Triana neighbourhood next to the Guaguas station in San Telmo. It was the historical site of the northern wall of the city and the first dock in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

In the park, the Modernist Kiosk designed in 1923 by Rafael Massanet y Faus stands out. Today, it is an open-air cafeteria; the bandstand, a regular space for the Municipal Band; and the Hermitage of San Telmo (18th century) which has one of the most beautiful altarpieces on the island. For families, it has a large children’s play area. Have you visited it yet? 

In San Telmo you will undoubtedly find one of the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria!

9. La Paz Park (Neighborhood)

The park is located in Los Llanos, on Venezuela Street, fenced by iron gates and consists of bridges that cross a small lake (at present it is without water), a sports court and petanque or bola canaria, a children’s playground, long garden corridors, gymnastic apparatus and grass areas where you can lie down and catch some sun

Among the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria, it is a beautiful park where a large obelisk presides over the whole environment, a quiet place to spend some time sitting on a bench in the shade of the trees listening to the singing of the birds, ideal for the enjoyment of children and adults in facilities that are in good condition.

10. Wooland Fun Park (Holidayworld Maspalomas, Maspalomas)

If you have children and you are in Gran Canaria, Wooland Fun Park is undoubtedly your option for them to enjoy the island like never before. Come like them to the only amusement park in the Canary Islands, located in the biggest leisure centre of Gran Canaria. It is a wide space of amusementwith more than thirty attractions in its park, as much outdoors as in covered area. 

Feel the adrenaline rush as you hop on the roller coaster or, if you prefer, enjoy them on the two-storey carousel. If you come with children, discover its Children’s Park with 10 different play areas. 

They will remember it for a lifetime!

Have you already visited them all? These are the 10 best parks for children in Gran Canaria, a selection of spaces where you can enjoy with your family and live new experiences surrounded by nature, games and fun. Don’t miss them!


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