What to do in September in the Canary Islands

September is the month that marks the end of summer. It represents the end of the holidays and the return to school. However, on the Canary Islands, the ninth month of the year allows for a wide variety of plans. With an average temperature of 25 °C, there’s still plenty to enjoy in the Canary Islands, especially outdoors. Enjoy the sun, the beach and all the outdoor plans and activities that the month that marks the transition between summer and autumn has to offer. Discover what to do in September in the Canary Islands.

What to do in Gran Canaria in September

beach of gran canaria

Obviously, the best time to visit the island depends on your preferences, but in this article we’ll show you Gran Canaria’s eternal spring, and how you can spend your autumn on the island

September is ideal whether you’re running away from the cold or the heat. With warm temperatures ranging between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor plans and activities without getting too hot or too cold. 

1. Sun and beach

Thanks to the almost summer-like weather during September and pleasant water temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy the beaches even in autumn. Extend the summer and plan your autumn getaway to the Canary Islands to relax and take a dip in the pleasant waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The island of Gran Canaria is very varied and has beaches for all tastes: white sand beaches, golden sand beaches, black sand beaches, hidden beaches, urban beaches, bays and caves, natural swimming pools… Obviously, the beach is one of the best plans to do in September in the Canary Islands.

2. Sports

Gran Canaria stands out, among other things, for its wide range of sporting activities, especially water sports, such as the following:

  • Surfing (SUP, paddle-surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, water-skiing…): we recommend the East Coast, as it’s windier.
  • Hiking or trekking: walking along the island’s routes is the perfect opportunity to discover the island’s most beautiful corners and landscapes in mild temperatures. The island has very varied and truly unique landscapes
  • Diving and snorkelling: if you like swimming and diving, you should get ready to discover the different marine species that sleep under the island.
  • Canoeing and kayaking: for the more adventurous. Discover caves and secret bays.
  • Boats: especially attractive for luxury lovers. Take a tour of the Canary Islands by boat. There are also whale and dolphin watching excursions: maybe you’ll see a dolphin or whale.  

3. Festivals

  • In September, the Fiestas del Pino are held in honour of the patron saint, the Virgen del Pino. This is the most important religious festival in the municipality of Teror. Here, every year, thousands of people flock to the marvellous basilica of Teror to offer the Virgin products of the land, accompanied by typical dances and music. 
  • The Fiesta del Charco: In the Aldea de San Nicolás, an ancient aboriginal fishing technique is commemorated, in which the sap of tabaibas and cardones was added to the water to sedate the fish and make it easier to catch them. Join the locals and take a dip in the sea!

4. Leisure plans

Don’t miss out on the leisure activities! Whether it’s eating in restaurants or on terraces, or visiting the various theme parks or water parks, you’ll never get bored here! It’s one of the best plans to do in September on the Canary Islands, for sure.

  • Harvest time: September is the time of the grapes in the Canary Islands, which have adapted to the Canarian climate. We highlight the listán negro and the volcanic malvasía, in case you want to try the different wines of the Canary Islands
  • Gastronomy in the Canary Islands: The wide gastronomic offer is another reason why so many tourists come to the Islands every year. Try the most exquisite local dishes and let yourself be amazed. 
  • Amusement parks, theme parks and water parks: Visit the only amusement park in the Canary Islands: Holidayworld Maspalomas. Here fun is guaranteed with a karaoke room, an escape room, a bowling room, the amusement park itself where you can go on a variety of rides, as well as a gym and many places to try hundreds of different dishes. 
    • Gran Canaria also has a number of theme parks and water parks – don’t miss them all! 

Weather in Gran Canaria in September

The climate of Gran Canaria is subtropical with trade winds, influenced by the island’s altitudes and the Gulf Stream. Thanks to the extinct mountains and volcanoes, which trap the clouds, it hardly ever rains in the south of the island. However, the north is cooler, with a chance of rain.  

Daily minimum temperatures range from 22 °C, while daily maximum temperatures range from 27 °C.

  • Clouds: In the month of September, cloudiness in the north of the island increases. The clearest day of the month is 1 September, with clear, mostly clear or partly cloudy conditions 87 % of the time.
  • Precipitation: In the north of the island, the probability of rainfall is steady, remaining at around 3 %, with approximately 4 mm of rainfall. It rarely exceeds 11 mm.
  • Sunshine: The shortest day of the month is 30 September, and the longest day is 1 September. Sunrise is between 7:40 and 7:50 in September, while sunset is between 19:50 and 20:20. 
  • Humidity: Humidity decreases from 46 % to 42 %.
  • Wind: The average wind speed also decreases from 25.3 kilometres per hour to 20.1 kilometres per hour.
  • Water temperature: The average water temperature remains around 23 °C.

Best time to travel to Gran Canaria

plans to do in the canary islands in september

Make the most of the warm and bearable temperatures to enjoy your holiday to the full, doing sport, visiting the amusement park in Gran Canaria or simply sunbathing and taking a dip on the island’s beaches.

Here the north seems like another place, where you can hike through the mountains and the different landscapes, see waterfalls or visit the old towns to learn about their history. You can take a dip on the island’s hidden beaches, or in one of the natural pools. In the south, you can enjoy the sun and the beach even in autumn and winter, and you can discover the ravines and desert landscapes of the mini-continent, or take a surfing lesson.

We’re waiting for you in the largest amusement park of the Canary Islands, Holidayworld, located in the south of Gran Canaria. Explore the island and try what to do in September in the Canary Islands.


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