Plans for Christmas in Gran Canaria

If an island is that famous like Gran Canaria, then it’s obvious that at Christmas time you have a lot of activities you can do. That’s why the plans on the island are very varied.

No doubt, spending Christmas on this island is synonymous with strolling through cobbled and decorated streets, nativity scenes, cafés and restaurants, beaches, fairs, and paths. The roots of the Christmastime know no limits in Gran Canaria.

The winter of the island invites you to take part in an adventure, where a wide and varied offer of cultural and leisure activities stands out. Do you dare to discover it at this time of the year to make it a unique moment?

The best plans for Christmas in Gran Canaria

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or Epiphany are moments of a special moment at the end of the year.

If you also add beach, nature, culture, arts, adventure, or gastronomy then you really have the opportunity to enjoy a mixture of magic experiences.

This is Christmas in Gran Canaria: a great cultural and natural offer you can only find here. Below, you’ll see the best plans and things to do at Christmas in Gran Canaria:

1. Christmas sand crib

belén de arena en la playa las arenas en gran canaria

Yes, magic exists! It’s called art. And it seems so when you pass by the Christmas sand crib with all his sand sculptures in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, at the Las Canteras beach. In Spanish, we call it “Belén de Arena”.

This nativity scene is the biggest in Europe, and it’s designed by the best artists in the whole world. At Las Canteras, dreams and sand are getting together.

For its construction tons of sand are moved but also a great amount of imagination and talent is required. It’s worth the effort, because thousands of people come to visit this beauty.

However, the rich tradition of the Nativity Scenes on the island means that almost all the municipalities have their own unique sets of these: all of which have been created by specialists who have worked hard to create these structures. Have a look at the Nativity Scenes of Las Palmas:

Source: Your Gran Canaria

2. World carols

Another of the Christmas plans in Gran Canaria that are proof of the island’s intense and extensive cultural offer is to transport the public to other parts of the world without leaving their seats while they enjoy a musical show.

Come to one of the epicentres of this type of activity, the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which offers a benefit concert with a programme made up of a selection of Christmas carols and world melodies. It’ll be a great opportunity to enjoy the Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria in all its splendour for a consecutive year.

Gran Canaria has been sounding good for centuries thanks to its geographical location, its history and the mixture of people and cultures from Europe, America, and Africa. The island has turned into a sounding board for the sounds of the world and its own melodies and genres.

auditorium alfredo kraus

Source: https://ofgrancanaria.com/es/

3. New Year’s Eve Concert

Christmas is the perfect occasion for discovering the register of Gran Canaria. As a sample, another typical appointment is the New Year’s Eve Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of Las Palmas.

And in this edition, which’ll be held from 28 to 30 December in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, you’ll also be able to enjoy great works from the lyrical and symphonic repertoire.

This annual event is usually sold out (perhaps because of its Participatory Choir with around 100 members, which makes the concert itself more impressive and closer to the public). It’s one of the unique plans to do for Christmas in Gran Canaria.

auditorium alfredo kraus concert

Source: https://sinfonicadelaspalmas.es/

4. Christmas Theatre

From 28th to 30th December, at the Pérez Galdós Theatre in the island’s capital, you can see the shows Navidonia by Zalakadula. Perfect for the whole family and for the little ones to have a great time. Discover it!

teatro perez galdos

Source: https://teatroperezgaldos.es/

5. Alternative Christmas markets

This time of the year, almost all municipalities of the island put their red Christmas clothes on, lighten their biggest streets and on their squares they organize very nice Christmas markets.

Of course, the canarian “cold” cannot be compared to the one of the cities located in the peninsula or other cities in Europe. Even though, enjoying the Christmas mood on a Christmas market in a short shirt and flip-flops is something unique.

Don’t hesitate to try some canarian sweets of this period, like sweet empanadas with sweet potatoes or the cabello de ángel, which is a pastry filled with a pumpkin jam and sugar. There are also a lot of other canarian sweets like handmade nougats with gofio, almonds, sugar or milled.

christmas market

Holidayworld Maspalomas, a different Christmas in Gran Canaria

Furthermore, you can also enjoy practically (almost) everything you can think of in the most important leisure and entertainment centre of the Canary Islands located in the south of the island: Holidayworld Maspalomas.

Only here you can come bowling at Swing Bowling & Restaurant, the only professional bowling alley in Gran Canaria with 16 lanes, where you can test your aim and enjoy the best food and drink in the restaurant.

Furthermore, if you want to feel like a real music star, at Bamm Karaoke you can leave everyone speechless by playing some of the more than 30,000 songs in its four themed rooms.

Do you like challenges? In the Anthology Escape Room, you’ wi’ll have to challenge your senses and escape with the help of certain tracks. Its four escape rooms with different levels of difficulty with riddles and puzzles will be a real test for your intelligence.

Looking for a magic place where to have fun on Christmas? Wooland Fun Park is the only amusement park on the Canary Islands and with more than 20 attractions (open air or inside) you could really have a good time there.

amusement park at night

More plans for Christmas on Gran Canaria

How about doing a little exercise to combat the typical excesses of this time of year? Ozone by Reebok Functional is that gym you’ve been looking for and where you can burn off those extra calories in a modern facility.

And we’re not done yet. Palm Kasino is the ideal place where adults can try their luck with numerous games in which to enjoy a great leisure alternative. If, on the other hand, you’re more a sports fan, then you should visit the Harrow Sports Bar. Have a good time watching your favourite team’s games in the best possible atmosphere and where you can taste tasty dishes and drink some of their more than 25 brands of beer.

And if we already are talking about food… there’s no better option than going to Nomad Gastro Market: a meeting point where 14 restaurateurs offer a great selection of world cuisine in a privileged space.

In short, Christmas in Gran Canaria is very varied, but above all, different to what you would probably have thought before reading this article. What are you waiting for to enjoy this wonderful island in winter? We’re waiting for you!


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