7 ways to have fun if you travel with your group of friends to Gran Canaria

A trip with friends can be an unforgettable experience! Travelling with friends allows us to strengthen bonds, share experiences and moments of madness, fun and adventure that will always remain in our memory. If you travel with friends, Gran Canaria can be one of the most attractive destinations due to its many leisure plans. It’s decided. Go pack your bags!

Leisure in Gran Canaria

Friends are here to share laughter, sorrows, to party and, yes, also to travel! If you travel to Gran Canaria with friends, it will be easy for you to find hundreds of leisure plans. Today from this page we offer you seven that, without a doubt, you should not miss so that your trip with friends is… the best of your life!

1. Fun at sea

What would a day in Gran Canaria be without enjoying the incredible beaches of the island? With friends, few plans as suggestive as a good dip. The sea of the Canary Islands invites you to refresh yourself after sunbathing, because it is at a temperature of more than 20º all year round.

Without a doubt, some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands are in Gran Canaria. Among our favourites are Maspalomas Beach, Las Canteras Beach, Playa del Inglés or Playa de las Salinas. All of them, authentic postcard beaches. Don’t miss it: discover them!

2. Anthology Escape Room Gran Canaria 

The fever in the peninsula for the games that invite to solve riddles to get away from a room has reached Gran Canaria… and in what a way! 

different experience that challenges your senses with a fun and original game system. In Anthology Escape Room Gran Canaria there are four escape rooms, one of them 100% augmented reality, as well as live graphic adventures with different levels of difficulty, can you solve the challenge? Choose your game now… and watch out for the weather!

3. Visit Roque Nublo

Hiking is always a great option to enjoy with friends. Strategically located in the island’s nerve centre, Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria’s most famous rock, was formed millions of years ago and is said to have been worshipped by the island’s ancient inhabitants. Undoubtedly, a place full of mysticism and one of the best things to do in Gran Canaria.

Of volcanic origin, symbol par excellence of the island of Gran Canaria, the roque rises 80 meters above its base approximately and 1813 meters above sea level. Visiting the Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria is not an option: it is an obligatory visit in which you will be able to enjoy the best views that the island offers you.

4. Swing Bowling

Bowl in the only truly professional space on the island, with 16 lanes, and recharge your batteries at the cozy Swing Bowling & Restaurant. Here you’ll find tasty hamburgers, quesadillas, nachos and wings, among many other alternatives. Come and enjoy this new experience with your friends.

The bowling alley of Holidayworld Maspalomas Swing Bowling continually renews its offers and promotions to spend an afternoon playing bowling is, in addition to fun, very economical.

5 . Carnival

The carnivals that are celebrated all over Gran Canaria are much more than dressing up. Synonymous with debauchery, murgas, nightlife and alevosía, it is an experience that nobody should miss, especially if you travel with friends. It only happens once a year but… don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage and enjoy a few days in which the whole island is paralyzed.

Specifically, the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the oldest festivals, with more history and character typical of Spain. We are talking about one of the most important carnivals in the world that has been celebrated since 1521. The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was, in fact, the first carnival in the world to choose the Drag Queen of the festivities.

6. Canarian Gastronomy

Are you fond of gastronomy? If what you like most to do with your friends is to eat, you should know that Gran Canaria has a wide gastronomic offer that you should not miss. On the island, you and your friends can find a multitude of options to make your stay worthy of authentic gourmets

Passing from more traditional Canarian food options to those more modern and avant-garde, it is interesting to highlight the presence of Nomad Gastro Market. Gastronomic market located in Holidayworld Maspalomas, you will find more than 400 culinary references, wines, beers and cocktails from the hand of some of the most prominent restaurateurs operating in Gran Canaria.

7. Bamm Karaoke

Enjoy in Holidayworld Maspalomas four karaoke rooms with different themes… and more than 8.000 multilingual songs! A place where you can have fun with friends and with the music you like best. Become a star and feel the emotions as if you were an artist. Would you like to sing now?

In Bamm Karaoke you will find 4 karaoke rooms with a completely different aesthetic: Tropical (a nod to the exotic. A tribute to the parrandero spirit and the essence of the Caribbean Sea), 80s (great hits that made an entire generation sing and dance to rhythms of unforgettable songs in this fantastic pop room), Factory (with a decoration that inspires being in an old underground factory revives hymns of the music), and Pool (shows that you’re a rock star in a room with a pool of balls where you can have fun not only singing).

Laughter, emotions, complicity and unforgettable memories. Travelling with friends is the best option to organize the funniest vacations of your life. And you, do you know what to do in Gran Canaria if you travel accompanied by your friends? Today we have offered you 7 experiences not to be missed… but there is much more! The island offers you a multitude of experiences that you should not miss so that your stay here with friends is truly memorable. 


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