Swing Bowling, awarded at 35th BJI Architecture & Design Awards

Today is a great day for us! We are pleased to announce that Bowlers Journal’s 35th BJI Architecture & Design Awards have awarded our bowling alley, Swing Bowling, as the best international interior renovation of the year

Deserved recognition for the work of the architects Cristina and María Elías Cabrera, from Room C Studio, who have led the renovation and design of the Holidayworld, which was launched a few months ago with a comprehensive and innovative change of image. 

Swing, which houses the only professional bowling alley in Gran Canaria and one of the restaurants of Holidayworld Maspalomas, has been designed with industrial airs, using wood and also metal structures, these being the real protagonists of the space. In this area there has been a commitment to add murals, signs and decoration, in which bowling has a great relevance and importance, and which makes a significant nod to the 50s that contribute to orchestrate a fun atmosphere while elegant. The Game Center is an eclectic space where styles of different stages are mixed, and in which the colours of the 1950s merge with arcade games as emblematic as the ‘eats coconuts’, so iconic in the 1980s. All this using the most advanced audiovisual technology, as Swing highlights a spectacular menuboard that allows customers to know all the gastronomic offer and services of the room.

The list of winners of the Bowlers Journal International Architecture and Design Awards is as follows:

35th annual BJI Architecture & Design Awards Winners

Best New Center – Vinyl Social Club, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Best New Center, Boutique, U.S. – Red Stick Social Club, Baton Rouge, La.

Best New Center, Boutique, U.S. (Honorable Mention) – Pinz, New Hartford, N.Y.

Best New Center, Boutique, International – Kinobowling, Gleisdorf, Austria

Best New Center, Boutique, International (Honorable Mention) – AMB Akadeemia Bowling, Tallinn, Estonia

Best New Center, Interior, U.S. – Andy B’s, Denton, Texas

Best New Center, Interior, International – Hyperbowling, Middelburg, Netherlands

Best New Center, Exterior – Circus Bowl, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Best New Center, Lounge/Restaurant – Fifth Arrow, San Francisco, Calif.

Best New Center, FEC, U.S. – Cinergy, Amarillo, Texas

Best New Center, FEC, International – Shott Amusement, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Best New Center, Ancillary Profit – Roxy Ball Room, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Best Renovated Center – Parkway Social, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Best Renovated Center, Boutique – Lebowski Pizza & Bowling, Salmyshskaya, Russia

Best Renovated Center, Interior, U.S. – The Lanes at The Howard, Oshkosh, Wis.

Best Renovated Center, Interior, International – Swing Bowling & Restaurant at Holiday World Maspalomas

Best Renovated Center, VIP – The Back Alley, Butler, Pa.

Best Renovated Center, Lounge/Restaurant – Mauritius Beach Restaurant & Bowling – Münster, Germany

Best Renovated Center, Lounge/Restaurant, U.S. – Spare Time Windsor Locks, Conn.

According to the publication, “the new and modernized centers that won or received honorable mentions at the 35th BJI Architecture & Design Awards present unique and vividly executed concepts, superb attention to detail, and one of the strongest honor crops in the history of the annual competition”, adding that “big cities are not the only places to find the most notable boutiques and entertainment centers. 

You can find the original source at the following link: http://www.bowlersjournal.com


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