Los Gumbo Blues Band

Los Gumbo Blues Band is, without a doubt, one of the musical projects with the greatest international projection that the Canary Islands have given in the last decade. 

Its name comes from one of the most popular dishes in New Orleans gastronomy, Louisiana (GUMBO), which they met, tasted and enjoyed after their first trip to Mississippi.

They have participated in the most prestigious national and international festivals (USA, Germany, Norway, Poland...). Their concerts transmit the essence of the best Rhythm'n'Blues: a dynamic, powerful and overwhelming repertoire, a guarantee of success for any type of audience. 

Alberto Gulias (voice, drums, harmonica)
Reinaldo Rivero (guitar, backing vocals)
César Rubio (bass, chorus)

It is a great luck to have them at Holidayworld Maspalomas, and to be able to enjoy their music again so soon!

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